Angela Jonsson is an Indian model and actress who shot to fame after she won the Kingfisher Calendar Model Hunt in 2011.

Jonsson was born on 28 February 1990 in Chennai to a father from Iceland and a mother from Mangalore. Her parentsĀ  are coffee exporters. She has six sisters and three brothers, and spent her childhood in an estate on the mountains of Kodaikanal where she studied at an American international school.

Jonsson modeled for the Kingfisher Calendar in 2011 after winning the calendar’s Calendar Girl Hunt competition that same year.

She judged the Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt 2012. She has been
taking Hindustani diction and dance lessons to begin her career as an actress in Bollywood and other Indian film industries.

She was voted one of Times 50 Most Desirable Women in India in 2011

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  1. Angie where have you been? I have not seen you anywhere in the city-did you go back home?

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